Based on your experience, please rate your skill level on the following from 1 to 10 using the key below: 

1-2: I have heard of this and have done it once or twice

3-4: I have done this and have a conceptual understanding 

5-6: I can perform this with moderate proficiency 

7-8: I can perform this with good quality and good proficiency 

9-10: I am an expert, I can perform this with high proficiency and exceptional quality 

Carpenter Skills Assessment: 
Familiarity & use of the IRC Code Book:
Reading architectural & structural plans:
Understanding & interpreting architectural & structural plans:
Daily Task Planning:
Organization of the site, workshop, & company vehicles:
Construction clean-up of job sites:
Concrete landings:
Other concrete work:
Rough Framing:
Window installations:
Door installation:
Siding installation:
Exterior trim installation:
Decking installations (to include structural elements):
Drywall hanging:
Drywall tape & finishing:
Interior trim:
Cabinetry installations:
Cabinetry customization:
Built-in, custom shelving:
Handrail installations:
Guardrail installations:
Custom stair installations:
Wall & floor tile setting:
Wall & floor tile installation:
Laminate flooring installations:
Towel bar, toilet paper holder, robe hooks, & other trim-like installations:
Crown molding installations:
Ability to anticipate project needs:
Anticipate project needs as affected by other trades - HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical
Knowledge regarding safe operation and use of power and hand tools:
Client communicaton skills:
Vendor/subcontractor communication skills:
Read and interpret scheduling:
Time management:
Attention to detail:
Leadership skills:

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