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It could be a private, backyard office to work or study from home, or additional room for a returning college student or elderly relative. Maybe it is a man cave, she shed, or backyard retreat to escape after a long day. Whatever your wish, we invite you to consider one of our Backyard Buildings. Created with the changing nature of life in mind, our Backyard Buildings are the fastest and most affordable way to add attractive, comfortable, and necessary space to your home.

As we continue to spend more time at home, it's nice to picture having a convenient backyard space for Zoom calls, movie marathons, children’s activities and schooling, and even your favorite Peloton workout. Our Backyard Buildings will provide you the space, all while allowing you to customize your design to match your personal style.

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After competing with the entire family for sufficient workspace for some time, you may come to realize that while family  time is great, everyone needs a break.


Adding extra space in your backyard is easy—just choose the Backyard Building that’s right for you. These freestanding, detached home additions are designed and prefabricated by our team and can be installed quickly in your backyard.


1. Choose one of our thoughtfully designed and developed modular additions 

2. Choose your customizations 

3. Schedule your installation date 

4. Enjoy your new Backyard Building! 


Our licensed and insured experts will install your new prefabricated backyard office. 

Available Sizes: 

  • Small - 8' x 10' (80 Square Feet) 

  • Medium - 10' x 12' (120 Square Feet) 

  • Large - 16' x 12' (192 Square Feet) 

Our high-end turnkey installation of your new Canyon's Backyard Building includes and offers options for site work, reinforced slab foundation, fabrication and assembly (including roofing and siding), electrical installation, insulation, drywall, flooring, trim (cabinetry, baseboards, door and window casing, countertops), paint, and all finishes.